Our Partners​

Trinity will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary during the 2014-2015 school year. That's right, we were established in 1964! We have been providing quality, affordable childhood education for children in Northeast Austin for almost 50 years!




The Mission of TCDC is to provide quality, affordable early care and education to children within our economically and ethnically diverse community. We strive to provide stability and support to the children in our care and to their families, so that together we can truly impact future generations.


TCDC seeks to accomplish its goals:

  • Serving 32 children so that each child and family feels comfortable and secure in a family-like atmosphere.
  • Serving a variety of races, cultures, and family backgrounds, using diversity as a positive attribute in a place where children grow and develop attitudes for life.
  • Our grounds, facility, and caring community literally put their arms around toddlers and young children in order to appreciate, nurture, protect, and guide them while they in turn develop a healthy respect for themselves, for others, and for the world.


  • Our desire is be an important link in a communal group of organizations, working to establish strong roots for children and a feeling of community for their families by offering the best quality and most affordable care possible. We envision a world where young children are given priority by the adult community around them and where families of all economic circumstances have equal access to quality early care and education for their young children. The hundreds of parents who are on waiting lists for subsidized child care find safe, educational, high quality care for their children. Society and individuals alike affirm the importance of a strong early foundation and of quality interactions between young children and the adults in their lives. We also envision a world where child care teachers and staff are given respect, education, and compensation that are commensurate with the importance of their work.




  • We work to build a strong foundation for every child’s body, mind, and spirit.  
  • We strive to build a child’s self-esteem by developing competence and confidence.
  • We provide and teach unconditional love.


  • Trinity CDC is an extension of a loving family.
  • We care for one another: the children, the parents, the alumni, the teachers, the administrators, and the supporters.  
  • We stay small to keep a sense of family.
  • We work as a team for the benefit of the families in our care.


  • We are honest with one another and with the children.
  • We celebrate each person’s contributions and listen to all points of view.  


  • We hire teachers of the highest quality who seek new ways to grow in their profession.
  • We strive to be the best child development center by maintaining the highest standards.


  • We care for the earth and are aware of the ways we can affect our environment.
  • We teach the love of and curiosity about our natural world through hands on learning experiences.


  • We appreciate who we are and take care of ourselves.
  • We work to develop our physical skills and take part in daily, joyful physical activity.
  • We practice good nutrition because we understand that what we put in our bodies affects our health.
  • We practice resolving conflict by listening to each other and by using our words to share feelings and ideas.


  • We value connections with people, with animals, with nature and with God.
  • We believe that gratefulness is important every day.
  • We believe in the power of love.


  • We know that Trinity CDC is better because our families, staff, and supporters are diverse racially, economically, and spiritually. We value all of these differences and work to be inclusive.  
  • We strive to maintain racial and economic diversity.
  • We rejoice in each person’s uniqueness.

These values permeate what we do every day and reflect who we are.